Thursday, June 23, 2011

Older Women and Good Looks.

Stunningly sexy Kirsty Alley at sixty.

Kirsty Alley in 2008.

Kirsty Alley looked fat and really dull in 2008But then  she worked on herself and now really looks stunning, beautiful and sexy at sixty. This proves that a healthy and well maintained body can do wonders to your self image.Think about how she got into the fat image before. There can be many reasons.Lack of love and affection, no work or less work, depression, marital breakdown etc are some of the few triggers to losing the interest in body and developing low self esteem. This is usually a vicious cycle. Depression if not diagnosed and treated properly can be one of the commonest factor.
It is important that the right treatment is taken aggressively. Losing weight, diet and exercise all add up to a  good self image. Regular exercise goes a long way to good looks. In older women , loss of youth and lifestyle change can affect the verve or desire to look good. Sometimes partner loss or lack of interest can also be a factor in not looking after one's health and looks.Older women also face health problems like osteoporosis, menopause and it's attendant problems, arthritis, diabetes , hypertension and other medical problems. These also need to be looked after in addition to the general problems associated with older age.The more a woman decides to look after her health, the more overwhelmed she may be if these illnesses require treatment. A more relaxed and holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and its associated changes is required.
A woman should always think of herself as beautiful. Only then she will work on her body and looks. It is important to follow regular exercise regimens like yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics, gym exercises, walking, running, swimming, sports like tennis, badminton, table tennis , cycling etc in order to keep the fitness level and maintain a healthy weight. Now a days cycling, dance cum exercise routines, advanced personal training are all very helpful to maintain the good looks amongst all age groups.
It has been proved that woman who maintain their looks at a mature age are also more sexually active than women who do not look after their fitness and health.The professional or occupational life is also affected by an unhealthy body.In order to remain more active and socially useful older women should make extra effort to look good and healthy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Interval Training And Other beneficial Exercise Programs.

The benefits of any exercise program are enormous as compared to a sedentary, non-exercise lifestyle. The day you start exercising your health and fitness starts improving. If you have a regular program and gym or swimming routine you should easily switch to interval training. For those who have not been exercising regularly or for some time , start by doing walking and swimming   to build up a routine and then start interval training for maximum benefit. As a doctor I have been seeing the benefits of exercise in all and any cases be they be of heart disease, obesity, depression, low self esteem etc. The mental attitude of any patient changes so quickly that it seems to me a sin not to explain and motivate a person to start a fitness and exercise program.
Personally over a period of thirty years having struggled with metabolic disorders and weight gain I have developed deep insight into the workings of a body. I have seen that in the age group 20-30 it is easier to follow a gym routine and a food routine. The energy level of an individual is high and he/she can take the stress of daily lives easily. The trouble starts after 30. As the work and lifestyle pressures (marraige/ responsibilities/child bearing/ rearing) increase the individual starts to neglect the personal health and fitness routine. This may end up with small to large weight gain. As the body de-shapes and the fat is deposited in areas where losing is difficult , the body image  becomes worst. This reflects on lowering of self esteem and also may increase stress levels. In married women, this usually appears as depression and further neglect and spouse rejection.It is never too late or too old in age to start an interval exercise routine.I have personally experienced the benefits within an hour of such exercise and each day that you continue, the benefit increases. From inability to stand straight for half a minute to standing straight in grocery line, lifting heavy weights in quese and walking, to exercising while standing are all the benefits that I personally gained after regular water/gym workouts and interval exercise. The benefits to heart health are also enormous.Mental health also improves as the body image improves. It has been seen that the body image is important in a way that how a person sees his/her own self and not even as how others see you. Daily exercise routine brings confidence in ones own self and a person starts to enjoy the benefits of improved self image.
It is essential for people who are into routine exercise also to enter interval training exercises as they will improve their fitness levels enormously very soon.