Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walking ..The Easiest Way To A Fit & Sexy Lifestyle.

Walking is an easy exercise and can suit any lifestyle, age and environment.For people with arthritis, muscular disease, obesity, weakness it is a very good exercise. It is now seen that the low impact on joints especially knee and ankles that occurs in walking stimulates the production of new cartlilage . The hard impact of jogging can worsen damage but walking is perfectly safe. I would suggest that in case of limited mobility may it be due to arthritis, muscular weakness or wasting, initial exercises preferably in warm pool water to strengthen and stretch muscles will considerably help in walking. http://video.about.com/walking/Walking-Tips.htm
 The time schedule can also be fixed or changed as per requirement. It has also been seen that each year as we gain 7-10 lbs. weight we can lose this by regular walking and therefore. a weight of 70 lbs in 10 years is equivalent of carrying another person's weight on your body. In US, the walk healthy program started by a lady who gave shoes to young kids to improve their fitness level has been successful.
Walking can be used as a social activity and does not cost any thing. One can meet friends and get fresh air and instead of unhealthy get togethers can be used as a good social activity.I enjoy walking with friends and family.Walking with kids gives them good quality time too.

A steady and healthy lifestyle change with walking  as a choice will keep stress, obesity,heart disease away. So get good walking shoes, find a mate, a track and start walking.

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