Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Improving cardiovascular status:get off your butt and enjoy exercise.

As we age we gain weight, our metabolic rate decreases and our arteries become harder.the blood supply to our organs like kidneys, brain, heart decreases and these atrophy and degenerate. Due to the lack of exercise that is needed to keep our bodies at the particular age and weight fit, and excessive and wrong eating and dietary habits, we gain excess weight, misuse and disuse most of our muscles and eventually end up being obese, unfit, unhappy and depressed. Body image if not healthy will definitely lower self esteem and nothing makes a person down so much as low self esteem. Heart health is also worsened by a depressed outlook and low self esteem. A healthy, fit outlook and exercised body goes a long way to elevate self esteem and alleviate a depressed mood. Endorphins released during a workout really make one happier and healthier. Just as good sex and orgasm makes one relaxed and happy, daily measured and graded exercise increases health and fitness.

 Heart is one organ that is central to a person's health and well being. It is affected by a sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits which include excess carbohydrates, saturated fats,deficient greens and vegetables and alcohol..Foods like burgers, fries, soft drinks, fizzy colas, sweets, chocolates in large amounts really gradually worsen the cardiac fitness profile so much so that the degeneration in arteries starts at twenty and by the time one is forty his/her chances of a heart attack are increased manifold and chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension etc have started.It Yis thus important to understand heart health and make lifestyle changes much earlier in life.

 Due to urbanization and office jobs we tend to sit for very long periods. this also increases the lack of circulation and stress levels. Daily gym regime with walking, jogging, swimming or water workouts are essential to adopt at an early age. Joining the workforce after college also is a major lifestyle change.Work stress is added. Coping with new environment, relationships also is inadequate and adds to stress. A regular exercise regimen included in daily routine will considerably reduce stress.

Start with a doable routine like early morning walk, jogging if not overweight, stationary cycling etc. Keep the routine, Buy good exercise clothes and look good to enjoy the routine.If possible find partner to exercise with, chat and compare notes.This can be neighbor, colleague and friend.It has been researched that talking and sharing helps increase fitness levels considerably as motivation and bucking up is involved. I call it part of TLC (Tender Loving Care). Any thing done with TLC increases health and happiness. when one is admired and wanted then the heart health also improves. It has been proven that sadness, grief, loss and loneliness makes the incidence of heart attack and sudden death increase many times.In Urdu language there is a term "Dil Bagh Bagh Hona|"meaning the heart is like a happy garden. It emphasizes how important is heart health for happiness.

The link given for exercise slideshow by Web MD above will show the facts.
It has been proven that exercise started at any age and health status will benefit the person , so get off your butt and start, whether you are old, young , lazy or simply naive.Have a ball!find your lifestyle!

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