Thursday, May 5, 2011

YOGA, The Ultimate Holistic Lifestyle.

Ten years back Yoga  started in the West as a fad. The article by Richard Corliss opened our eyes to a whole new world of Yoga practice. Ten years later, research in health, lifestyle practice, it has been proven that Yoga is one of the most successful holistic lifestyle change that one can benefit from. There are many Cardio- health programs that incorporate Yoga in both prevention and recovery phases.
There are many types of Yoga practices. One can easily choose one:
Start with basic  Iyengar.for those with joint and muscle problems.

Kundalini is also good for beginners and is practiced by many people all around the world.It has stretching postures and releases the Kundalini energy.

Viniyoga is a customized from where the teacher personalizes the postures and stretching according to needs of the student. Viniyoga is practiced as a therapy for upper back pain and lower back pain.Some of these You tube videos will show you the exercises and benefits of Viniyoga.
A very popular form now is Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. This has many instructors all over the world.In Karachi also AQ Power Yoga (facebook group ) is also available for instruction.
In 1992 I learnt the basics which helped me realize the potential advantages and benefits of Yoga lifestyle. The relaxation techniques that I learnt help me even today fast and successfully. Any one can learn Yoga and practice this lifestyle. The health benefits are enormous and now proven.
As a fascination since childhood I love this posture.

Yoga practice is a personal journey to self discipline, lifestyle, stress management and basically health. It can be taken with love, caring and respect for one's own self and body. It helps you understand, cherish and groom your own body and through this immense love and respect for your own body you can love and respect others.

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